When I was a little boy, I loved to watch professional wrestling.

I had the little plastic wrestling figurines you could buy at Walmart. I had a plastic wrestling ring to host my own Royal Rumbles in… heck, I'd even try to get my little brother to “volunteer” as my wrestling practice dummy.

I was a fanatic!

Maybe that's why the universe connected Kris Provone and I at a live event in Franklin, TN.

Kris is a former WWE wrestler and current life coach who helps his clients lay the smackdown on limiting beliefs (another thing I'm a fanatic about).

But, Kris' journey to building a prosperous coaching practice wasn't as fresh and flashy as his signature wrestling moves.

You see, in the beginning, Kris tried what most entrepreneurs do to start, run, and grow a business…

• Email marketing
• Social Media marketing
• YouTube marketing
• A Website to market his skills…
• and all that other mumbo jumbo the online gurus teach and preach

But, here’s the deal… Kris discovered this mumbo jumbo works for some coaches > most who already have a big following > but, not for most.

Especially him

Can you relate?

If so, there's good news for you… Kris discovered another way to build his coaching practice without all that digital “hustle.”

And he reveals it all in Episode 011 of the Rusty Ryal Show.

In episode 011, Kris shares his simple – and very doable – client attraction methods you can use to pack your docket right no.

In My Conversation With Kris, You'll Also Learn:

(1:54) How Kris pivoted from professional wrestling, to help others free their life’s dreams.

(5:58) The ONE book that radically changed Kris's life and career path forever.

(12:13) Why Kris drove 16 hours out of blind faith to Franklin, TN, and how that event led to a life-changing “Kris-Cliff.”

(13:27) How “spiritual plyometrics” played a HUGE role in preparing Kris for his coaching endeavor.

(16:37) Why Kris left social media and online marketing to grow his coaching biz with the “belly-to-belly” method.

(19:01) The four-step method Kris uses to attract, engage, and convert clients without being pushy sleazy, or salesy.

(28: 36) Why the best coach always looks for a way to “sharpen their ax.”

(31:56) What anyone can do to get paid as coach… starting as soon as tomorrow.


Important Resources From the Show

Kris' on the Web.

Kris' Podcast.

Kris on Social.

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