How To Avoid Derailing Your Copywriting Biz Before You Even Start - An Interview With Jon Stoltzfus

This week Jon Stoltszfus, a highly sought after copywriter in the financial industry, paused his busy schedule to talk sales copy with me.

Specifically, what it takes to get going and growing as freelance copywriter.

Like many copywriters today, Jon didn't come screaming out of the womb blessed with the skills to write sizzling sales copy.  He had to cut his teeth writing copy as a side hustle… dealing with pain in the booty clients… and swooping up any gig he could just to get paid right out of the gate.

Headshot of Jon Stoltzfus


That's what love about Jon's story and his insight on…

  • How to pick a niche you can confidently write in and get paid what you're worth, faster.
  • Why anyone looking to hop into financial copywriting game may want to consider a mouthpiece and some real experience if they stand a fighting chance.
  •  Simple, and easy to implement strategies to get your first gig and get paid so you can kickstart your career as a copywriter like a pro.
  • And so much more copy talk to tickle your fancy.

Whether you're a freelancer looking for a few quick hits from a Big League slugger in the copywriting world… or you're thinking about grabbing a bat and stepping up to the plate to see if you can hack it as a copywriter… then there's no doubt you're going to strike gold in this episode.

You'll also discover very…

Important Resources From The Rusty Ryal Show

Jon's website he hasn't been able to update because he's so busy making high-six figures as a freelance copywriter and copy chief.

Jon's new program – 

The Copywriting Academy Coaching Program

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