Kill The Chaos In Your Marketing - An Interview With Juliana Stackurski

Juliana Stachurski is a mom to 8 kids, 1 dog, 1 cat, and doesn’t mess around when it comes to solving her client’s biggest marketing challenges… just ask her husband (rumor has it… she fired him once).

Trained personally by Russell Brunson himself, Juliana thrives off saving people from blowing money on random acts of marketing with super cool digital tools – like Clickfunnels – as well as old school marketing tools like copywriting.

With 10+ years as co-owner of the marketing agency Ellis Pond (she hired Brian back), Juliana is known as “The Marketing Chaos Killer.”

In episode 13, Juliana reveals how she helps her clients rev up their marketing strategies to reach seven and even eight figure revenues while keeping the frontlines of her relationship with her hubby and business partner healthy and prosperous.

In My Conversation With Juliana, You'll Also Discover:

(1:30) How Juliana went from a mom of five teaching law curriculum at Vanderbilt University to one of the best marketing minds nobody knows about in Middle Tennessee.

(3:50) Juliana reveals her secrets to kill the marketing chaos in her clients' business.

(6:45) How Juliana turned one client's anxiety into seven-figures with her 60/90 method.

(9:32) Juliana silences her skeptics.

(14:33) Brian gets a bone, and Juliana shares how she and her hubby (Brian) are the ultimate marketing dynamic duo.

(17:00) Full disclosure; Juliana and Brian double down on their entrepreneurial dreams.

(20:58) Why goal sharing is a powerful “force” behind Juliana and Brian’s high-success at Ellis Pond.

(25:27) This is where Juliana tells the story about when she fired Brian (her husband).

(25:27) What really happens when you get swept off your feet… so Juliana says.

(31:22) Juliana shares how newbies and bootstrappers can accelerate their business success with Clickfunnels.

(34:48) The key to making Clickfunnels – or any tool for that matter – work to scale your business online, fast.

(37:43) A success story; from landlines to digital blueprints that rake in the dough

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Kill the Chaos In Your Marketing Here.

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