How to Write Your Best Story Even When It Hurts - An Interview With Mark Goblowsky

14 years ago, Mark Goblowsky lay by his son Josh in a hospital, hoping, wishing, and praying every minute that Josh would live to see another day.

You see, Mark’s infant son had survived, for the moment, a hit run car accident that involved two semi-trucks and his mother’s little Chevy cavalier.

The outlook for Josh… unknown.

During the four months of watching little Josh fight for his life Mark, as you could imagine, experienced an overload of pain, anger, and loneliness.

To channel those emotions, Mark decided to start a podcast.

Through his podcast Mark began to share his story no matter how bad it hurt because he knew his day to day struggle was meant for someone far beyond the walls of the hospital he paced.

Mark decided it was his duty to share his story no matter how bad it hurt… and no holding back if it helped just one listener.

Maybe you're in the same spot Mark was in… but you're not real sure how to share your struggle because the thought of sharing your remarkable story sends chills down your spine.

And that’s what episode 010 of The Rusty Ryal Show is all about…

How to share your story with the people who need to hear it regardless of the pain or struggle you have to go through to get it down on paper.

Sound tough?

Well, it probably will be.

That's why Mark is going to tell you how to get that story out when the writing gets tough… or even when it so hurts bad you don't think you write the first damn word.

In My Conversation With Mark, You'll Also Discover:


(3:54) How Mark turned his pain and grief after his infant son's near-death experience into a podcast that knows helps people find their strengths in moments of struggle

(5:47) Why Mark uses copywriting principles to power up his message to attract people to his story so they can share theirs with zero fear.

(6:58) The legendary copywriters Mark looks to for copywriting inspiration and marketing black belt mastery.

(12:31) How Mark uses an ancient martial arts technique to “clear the mechanism” to ensure he is in the right mindset to write.

(16:32) How to get your first draft out with the “throw-up” technique.

(19:49) Mark’s method to overcome hurt, pain, and fear when he writes about his biggest struggles in life.

(23:26) Why Mark believes writing the hard stuff helps the heart to heal.

(25:37) What to do when writing makes you angry. Don’t slam the watermelon!

(27:50) The secret to letting your copy fly instead of folding at “send.”

(29:52) Mark shares how to your tragedies into a treasure trove of writing for the people who need to hear it most.

Important Resources From the Show

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