How To Turn Your Survey Into More Sales – An Interview With Matt Champagne

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to boost engagement, trust, and response from your prospects and customers… then a survey COULD be your secret weapon to do just that.

Why COULD it be your secret weapon?

Well, if you use a survey the RIGHT way, you can literally separate yourself from the field of competition in your market.

Businesses all over the world struggle to position surveys in a manner that gets prospects and customers to give quality feedback for their business…

And that’s a problem!

That’s why the work of survey super-star, and scientist Matt Champagne, can’t be ignored if you are trying to monetize any feedback from your audience.

In Episode 004 of Rusty Ryal Show, Matt “Doc” Champagne pulls back the curtain on how he has revolutionized the survey game to help business reel in the big bucks with quality surveying methods.

You’ll also hear Matt touch on…

(5:55) Three concepts to help any entrepreneur find the facts they need to reach financial freedom in their business.

(6:57) What any entrepreneur can do to prevent survey fatigue

(7:51) One BIG myth about surveys almost every business owner believes.

(9:30) The rookie mistake almost every business owner makes before they get on a Webinar or onstage.

(10:55) How to make your customers jaw dropped with your simple surveys.

(12:03) Why most business owners “drop the ball” with their surveys and assessments.

(13:35) How to avoid fumbling feedback from your customers and reach paydirt with your audience with a survey.

(17:12) How to keep your customers, clients and audience forever with the appropriate response to their feedback.

(17: 20) Quick hits; how to structure your survey for optimal success.

(19:50) Why business owners fail to recognize the power of surveys.

(22:01) Why the majority of the population have become numb to surveys.

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Until we meet again, remember to swing for the fence in everything you do in business and in life.

Important Resources From the Show

A gift from the Doc:

How to Keep Your Clients Forever

The Survey Playbook

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