Take Your Podcast From "Meh" to Magical - An Interview With Jody Maberry

On this weeks show my good friend Jody Mayberry steps up to the plate and delivers in a  Major League on how to create podcast magic.

Jody road to podcasting like a pro is an interesting journey indeed…

From financial analyst… to park ranger… to now hosting 7 shows… to public speaking across the globe, Jody will be the first to admit, podcasting has opened many doors and has changed his life forever.



In this episode Jody will share his secrets on...


  • How to get over hating your voice.
  • A few reasons why anyone can and should start a podcast.
  • What to do if you have believe nobody wants to hear what you have to say.
  • And, how to recover from a podcast when all the power goes out during an amazing interview (spoiler alert, this happened to us in this episode).

Important Resources From the Show

Jody's Website

Jody's Amazing Podcast Course – Podcast Magic

Jody's Podcast

Jody's Podcast with Former EVP of Operations at Walt Disney (and Oklahoma boy) Lee Cockerell – Creating Disney Magic


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