How To Receive God's Gifts In Your Business

If you're looking to learn how to experience God at work… you want to build communities… a culture… and influence the masses by distinguishing yourself as a follower of Christ in your marketplace… and you want to do all that without an ounce of fear, greed, and controversy…

Then you’ve gotta tune in and listen to how Andy Mason and the Heaven in Business team is on creating communities worldwide just that.

If you’ve ever had any doubts about how to incorporate or if it’s even ok to bring Kindom principles in your practice then you’re in for a treat.

Andy Mason joins Rusty to share how his personal story, and journey, is proof God has a plan for your ventures and once you allow his power and plan to unfold, the opportunities are endless to what influence and impact your business can have on the world.

In My Conversation With Andy, You'll Also Discover:

(6:20) How Heaven in Business came together to change the world one city at a time

(8:20) How Andy's experiment has turned into exponential faith, foundation, and excellent in business worldwide.

(10:48) The key component Andy uses to help people experience Heaven in their business.

(11:57) The Heaven in your business activation method.

(14:17) Andy silences the skeptics.

(22:20) The day job that set Andy Mason's poverty mindset free.

(22:59) Why “just” taking care of your family and your basic needs is selfish.

(29:17) The one question people fail to ask God about when praying for their business.

(30:43) Why Andy wrote: “God with You at Work”.

(33:01) Why fortune 500 companies are searching for people of faith to help their empires grow.

(37:10) Why you should attend the upcoming Heaven In Business conference, “The Art of Business”

Important Resources From the Show.

Andy's upcoming event: The Art of Business

How to get more Heaven in Your Business.

Get the Book: God With You At Work

Andy's Podcast: Coming Soon!

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