How to Make More Money with Stages - An Interview With Tanya Targett

Today, speaking in public ranks as one of the biggest fears for more than 70% of the public.

That's good news for you.

Here's why.

Taking the stage (live or virtually) is one of the fastest and most reliable ways to attract new people to your brand and grow your business

If you have a burning desire to get on stage and share your story – but you're stuck shakin' in your britches when it comes to public speaking… then Tanya Targett can help you overcome stage-fright  and blast open the door to financial success with stages.

You see, Tanya is highly expereienced when it comes to taking big stages and making sales without being pushy or salesy.

Tanya has taken the stage to speak at more than 100 live events like Jeff Walker's LaunchCon (that's really hard to do) The League of Extraordinary Women, and various eWomenNetwork Chapters around the country.

My point.

Tanya knows how to get on stage and knock it out of the park… and she can help you do it too!

In My Conversation With Tanya, You'll Also Discover:

(2:29) How Tanya went from a single mom on welfare to a high six-figure, highly sought after – public speaker and teacher.

(4:08) What Tanya did during her first talk to turn her tears of fear into a powerful lead-generating talk power that lead to $12,000 in three weeks.

(5:45) Why Tanya believes anyone with a story can become successful on any stage or a cold crowd.

(6:33) How one lady pulled herself off the ledge (literally) after one of Tanya's signature talks.

(8:33) The magic formula anyone can use to make 5-figures fast from a stage.

(10:37) How a triage nurse found a treasure trove of speaking opportunities by leverage her unique experience, story, and Tanya's laser coaching.

(11:25) Tanya gets on her public speaking soapbox.

(12:25) How to use the “Double R” method to create a perfectly crafted, well-converting talk super-fast.

(13:42) How to avoid making your live audience cringe with your sales pitch.

(15:27) The secret sauce to making $20k with one zoom meeting in less than 24 hours.

(16:35) How to make your signature talk work for any crowd anywhere… even if they've heard it before ( this doesn't take 40-50 hours like most talk creation strategies).

(18:26) The key to killing your fears of speaking on stage.

(20:47) 3 ways to become a master storyteller and when millions of eye-balls are watching you.

(29:22) A blatant – but ethical – pitch on how you can connect with Tanya to turn the story you haven't shared from stage yet that can make you millions.

Important Resources From the Show

Tanya's website

Tanya Targett and Michelle Lange Presents: The Visible Impact Academy.

How to get laser coaching from Tanya.

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