How to Leverage The Power of Video to Grow Your Tribe and Boost Conversions - An Interview With Michelle Lange

Today, A TON of entrepreneurs are exploding their following with IGTV, IG Stories, Facebook Live, and YouTube.

Which means if you're serious about getting any significant visibility in your market… then, becoming an A-Player in front of the camera is a must.

But… just having the courage to step up to the plate camera… doesn't mean your video will drive in sales.

You must have the right approach … a game plan… and a Major League coach to show you how to both.

Michelle Lange is that coach.

In my chat with Michelle, you'll discover how to elevate your video “game” from JV to All-Star status without a huge investment in tech, teaching, or time.

In My Conversation With Michelle, You'll Also Discover:

(4:43) Why Michelle decided to pivot from screenwriting coach to online marketing strategy master and sales video magician.

(6:00) Why video is the critical component in converting more sales and growing your business.

(9:17) The BIGGEST mistake most people make when trying to boost conversion with video.

(12:11) The three video buckets every business owner needs to fill to boost their sales.

(14:13) How to ignite your Instagram following with highly effective and “doable” video strategy.

(20:11) The two secret components anyone can include in their videos to steal views from the competition.

(22:06) Michelle's secret sauce to schedule world-class video content without the overwhelm.

(28:11) Why Michelle waves caution to those that wait to go public with video content to boost their brand.

(28:47) Kill your procrastination to get on video with the Oprah Winfrey approach.

(30:47) What to do when scripting, outlining and using a video teleprompter to get your videos done right.

(35:45) The Gary V video success path… (shockingly…it doesn't include swearing).

(42:00) How to turn $20 into 3000 fresh eyes on your video post.

(44:03) Michelle shares how to master the art of speaking on stage and how to turn video into a six-figure launch tool.

Important Resources From the Show

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Michelle's Video Creator's Club

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