How to Ignite A Following of Raving Fans On Instagram - An Interview With Alex Cappe

When streaming music changed the music industry forever… getting booked for gigs and getting paid to play music, was a huge challenge for artists like Alex Cappe.

When the promises of booking agents and promoters fell through, Alex knew she had to get savvy and find a way to sell her talents to top venues… or else she was going to starve.

That’s when she decided to turn to the fastest growing social media platform on the planet, Instagram.

Now, Alex not only uses Instagram to get gigs… she’s a highly sought after Instagram consultant for several business owners in the Los Angeles area.

In my conversation with Alex you’ll hear her awesome story and keen insight on how you can create raving fans with your Instagram.

In My Conversation With Alex, You'll Also Discover:

(2:58) Why Alex ditched her agent and turned to social media to get gigs.

(3:08) How Alex went from booking gigs with social media to teaching businesses with Instagram.

(6:15) What to do to get your IG stories to attract an audience

(6:47) How to get your hashtags to work like magic

(8:50) The ONE trick anyone can use to get people to take action on your Instagram account to grow your business.

(10:08) Alex shares her perspective on how to master the hashtag game

(12:53) How to use Instagram highlights as a power-tool to drive traffic to your website.

(15:26) When to post and how you should post on Instagram

(17:47) Why IG stories are crushing right now as the most popular feed on Instagram.

(19:29) 3 things any Instagram newbie can do to start building a following and grow a business.

(22:53) How to use DM to uptick sales than using regular posts.

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