How to Free Your Dream Like A Pro – An Interview with Cliff Ravenscraft

If you constantly struggle to gain ground on achieving your goals and dreams… then chances are what my friend Cliff Ravenscraft has to say in episode 002 is just for you.

You see,  Cliff has a special skill to help you (and hundreds of other people around the world) uncover your dreams so you can move forward to making them a reality.

More importantly, Cliff helps you remove the current B.S. (belief system) holding you back to do that!

Since pivoting from the “The Podcast Answer Man” to the “Mindset Answer Man” Cliff has successfully launched multiple workshops, live events, and courses to help people realize their true unique potential so they can excel every day in doing the things they love.  

In My Conversation With Cliff, You’ll Learn:

(4:05) How Cliff transitioned from a comfy day job that provided A TON of security into his side hustle full-time—one that became wildly successful.

(7:23) How burnout set the stage for Cliff’s entrepreneurial pivot from “The Podcast Answerman” to “The Mindset Answerman.”

(11:21) Why making $500,000 a year at something Cliff enjoyed didn’t fulfill his true calling… and why it may not be for you either.

(13:49) The REAL questions you should be asking yourself about your work, and how the “Zones of Incompetence, Competence, & Excellence” effect our work and hold us back from realizing our dreams.

(5:18) How to slide into your very own “Zone of Genius”, and why people often stay in their zone of competence..

(25:51) How to overcome your “Upper Limit Challenge” and live every day doing the work you love and living life to it’s fullest.

(29:24) Why “living the dream”—your dream—is not merely just selfish ambition… But a calling!

(30:14)  The 3 Secrets to breaking through to your dream life.

(34:03) The shocking mindset gap that derails your dreams and how to destroy it!

(52:12) Why YOU should attend the Free The Dream Conference, September 13-15, in Franklin, TN this year.

Important Resources From the Show

Cliff's Live Event in Franklin, TN: Free The Dream Live

Episode 599 of The Cliff Ravenscraft Show

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