How To Budget Your Facebook Ads Without Breaking The Bank

Melanie McMurrain is one of the most sought after digital marketing strategist and for good reason.

Since losing her job, her peer group, her friends, and her TV Show, unexpectedly, Melanie has conducted over 30 product launch strategies for multiple 7-figure business owners…

…Not to mention, many of those tallying 6 to 7-figures.

On episode 005 of the Rusty Ryal Show, Melanie steps up to the plate and delivers several quick hits on how to budget your Facebook ads with precision… and knocks it out of the park with a few tips for creating a legendary launch with Facebook.

In My Conversation With Melanie, You'll Discover:

(2:39) – How Melanie went from losing all her friends her job and her TV show to becoming a powerful force in the product launch world.

(4:16) – From funnel overwhelm to sitting at the helm of launched for 7-figure business owners; Melanie's breakthrough to becoming a funnel hacking queen.

(6:25) – The #1 Reason business owner’s first swing at Facebook Ads is a complete “whiff”.

(7:50) – Melanie’s Major League insight one of the biggest disciplines in digital marketing with Facebook.

(8:37) – Why it’s critical to your launch to let Facebook pack the power and turbocharge your lead magnet your launch.

(9:15) – The simple strategy to getting your ads paid for and attracting and keeping buyers forever.

(11:51) – What lie business owners tell themselves about Facebook and the truth about why Facebook ads DO work.

(12:50) – Melanie leads you step-by-step through a bulletproof Facebook ad strategy that leads to more sales.

(14:53) – Why copywriting matters in the make-up of your Facebook success.

(16:30) – When it’s time to get a PRO to put eyes on your Facebook Ad strategy.

(19:29) – Melanie’s gift for anyone struggling to get a few wins from their Facebook marketing.

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