How To Be A MVP At Work And At Home

Mark Timm is the CEO of the most important business in the world… his family. 

He is also the the CEO of Ziglar Family, V.P. of Zig Ziglar, and CEO of Xponential Inc., a partnership with Kevin Harrington. 

It goes without saying, Mark is an all-star businessman, connector, and entrepreneur… but showing up as an exponential dad and husband is where Mark becomes a Hall of Famer.

Mark, will tell you first hand he didn't always have it right at work and at home. 

In fact, for years he was striking out more at home than he did in business. 

In episode 007 of the The Rusty Ryal Show, Mark tells all about how used his business smarts to uplevel his game as father and husband. 

In My Conversation With Mark, You'll Also Discover:

(4:00) Why Mark was crushing homers at work, but striking out at home and what made him evaluate his overall approach to being a dad and husband. It’s the kind of adjustment a homerun hitter makes to get back in his groove in the midst of a HUGE slump.

(5:47) Mark’s “driveway” moment that changed his life forever. This single moment not only led Mark to legally incorporate his family, but it also created a business that produced an endless amount of riches.

(9:40) The “holy grail” of a business family. Discover why Mark would do anything if he could to turn back time and get another shot to find this treasure.

(11:00) Why Mark started holding family meetings. Mark explains his theory behind implementing boardroom room tactics to create a winning environment at home.

(12:50) What tool Mark used to help his kids identify their true identity. This tool alone brought clarity, appreciation, and a new understanding of each family member's unique value to the household.

(15:02) The full immersion experience Mark used to his kids understand his business outside of the house. For a moment in time, Mark’s kids didn’t even know what his job was until he put this experiment in motion.

(17:59) Why every family needs a mission statement. Mark challenges common thinking of why people choose to do the business “things” to succeed at work… yet the same people leave those practices an out of their business at home.

(22:14) How to knows if you're “making the cut” as CEO of the house. Here’s a hint: it’s not measured with KPIs.

(25:29) Why Mark doesn’t have employee issues in his business his favorite business. Marks shares the simple strategy he used to set each member for success in the workplace at home… 90% of the entrepreneurs I know need to know this tip.

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