How to Affiliate Market Like a Pro – An Interview with Mark Mason

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Ever wonder if this whole “make money you sleep” thing is a hoax?

Is there REALLY a way to hop out of bed, pop open your bank app and  SHAZAM!… a phantom deposit of $100, $1,000, or $5,000.

Well, this is possible and my friend, Mark Mason is an affiliate marketing pro, a superstar of the side hustle.

In episode 002 of the Rusty Ryal show, Mark lends his expertise to those looking to start their own online side hustle.  If you want to know which online platforms are relevant, get hot tips on the emerging trends and ninja techniques to start and grow your own online side business…then don’t hesitate to listen to episode 002 of The Rusty Ryal Show.

Sound Bites From The Interview With Mark Mason: 

(4:59) The two people who inspired Mark in his quest for a profitable side hustle

(13:54) What affiliate marketing is and how you can profit from it.

(16:43) Mark’s 3 Simple Rules for affiliate marketing.

(20:18) Why Mark says there is NO easy money, even in affiliate marketing.

(21:08) How taking the “pro-athlete approach” is the only way to succeed in your online side hustle.

(23:11) How you can grow your online affiliate marketing business in as little as 10 minutes a day!

(27:09) The ONE big thing you need to do be successful in ANY online business.

(29:26) What the “coffee shop” mentality is, and how it can help you make content your people love.

(32:22) Some of Mark’s other recommended resources on affiliate marketing—besides his website,

(34:49) The FREE resource Mark has for you on his website.

Important Resources From the Show

Mark's Website

The Affiliate Marketing Roadmap

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