Hack Your Emotions; The Future of Feel Good - An Interview With Scott Donnell The CEO of Hapbee

What if you could roll out of bed every morning and with a push of a button on your smartphone… 

… you could have the same kind of “pick me up” your daily cup of coffee delivers?

What if, with that same push of a button on your smartphone you could also feel…

…relaxed without a pill or unhealthy alternatives.

… get a good night's sleep, without a fancy bed or any kind of sleep aid.

… what if you could feel happy without herbal assistance or 

Would that be a game changer for you?


Well if you said yes… then you have to get your hands a new device called HapBee.

It literally is like Spotify for your emotions and feelings.

Meaning you can feel relaxed, more calm, focused, happier, or even sleepy – on demand.

Maybe right about now you're thinking… “Ok Rusty, what kind of gizmo have you got your hands on? Really, control my emotions on demand?”

My simple response. Yes!

HapBee is for realz! And I've got one of it's chief innovators and the CEO of HapBee, Scott Donnell, to go into super deep details on how this futuristic device is going to change the wellness world forever.

Let's get HapBee… shall we?

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