Creating Family Business Success, With Jim and PJ Jonas

Jim and PJ Jonas are the owners of Goat Milk Stuff. Along with their eight kids, Jim and PJ have created a multi-million dollar company based on three core pillars…

Work Hard.

Get Dirty.

Use good soap.

And good soap it is. There's magic in that goat milk I tell ya. My hands were suffering something awful until I used GMS's soap to cure the cracks and burning from all the handwashing as of late. 

But making soap out of goat milk isn't the only thing Jim and PJ have mastered.

On this episode Jim and PJ discuss

  • How GMS is pivoting and profiting amidst the health crisis and what the family has in place to weather any economic shift in the future.
  • The Jonas' secret recipe to successfully homeschool, parent, and run a multi-million dollar family business without burning out.
  • How PJ and Jim create synergy inside their business to ensure each one child serves an essential role in the company. 
  • PJ's goat milk tip to eliminating germs and cracking hands from the constant hand washing during the pandemic.

And so so much more…

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