Boost Your Brainpower In 2020 And Beyond

I recently started writing with my left hand… in cursive!


For about a year now I've been paying a lot of attention to fella by the name of Matt Furey.

Maybe you've heard of'em.

If not I encourage you to pay close attention to ALL of his products.

Not just marketing… but his personal development and fitness products.





His stuff has changed my life.

What's really awesome about Matt is he is the current operating President and owner of right to the Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation.

If you have read the new edition of the book “Psycho-cybernetics” I highly recommend you do that too.

Anyway, on of the latest things I've learned from Matt is how our brain power has slowly started to dwindle because of two reasons.

#1 – tech

#2 – our habits

In this episode I'm going to share 3 (actually it's 4) habits I've incorporated into my daily routine to boost my brain power in 2020.

What I discovered from Matt – and what I'm going to share with you – is one of the biggest reasons I'm keeping an even closer eye on how much device time my kids have.

AND, how to implement very simple exercises to boost my brainpower without a lot of headache.

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