A Story From The CSuite

Thom is a business pro and a really nice guy.
He has keen entrepreneurial instincts and is one of the best in the business at helping businesses  leverage technology to improve their business processes.
Thom has 25 plus years of New Business Development.
And, Thom has served in sales, district manager to Vice President of Sales with corporations such as Century II, Paychex, and NFIB.
He builds new business relationships in the eastern region of the US for mid to large organizations.
Thom’s passion is to help his client succeed by implementing solutions that work.
But, just isn't all president networking and business….
He's also a die-hard sports fan, family man, and man of faith.
Davis Wade Stadium is his baseball sanctuary, and his place of worship is The Walter Hill Church of Christ.
He and his wife have three sons and daughters-in-law.  On Thom’s desk is the same Bible that set in his father’s office and his grandfather’s before. This keeps him grounded in remembering who he is and where he came from.
That's why I couldn't wait to share my story on Thom's podcast.
In my interview with Thom, I share my story.
I shared my journey from small-town kid to the Major League ranks of professional baseball to follower of Jesus Christ and family man.

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